KNPR: Marilyn Kirkpatrick Wants to Make Clark County Work Better

People – even people who have lived here for a while – get confused about the difference between Clark County and Las Vegas, and the duties of the City Council vs. the County Commission.

As a bit of a primer, Las Vegas encompasses downtown and areas east and west of downtown, and is generally considered to go as far south as Charleston. Clark County is everything else – including the Strip and towns such as Laughlin and Mesquite.

So Clark County Commissioners have a lot on their plates.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick is used to that. Kirkpatrick is a veteran state legislator and was speaker of the Assembly in 2013.

She is known as a bit of a policy wonk, and someone who gets things done. Last fall, when Tom Collins left his position on the Clark County Commission, Governor Sandoval appointed Kirkpatrick to take his place. Now, she’s running to keep that office.

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