Serving in the Nevada Legislature has given Marilyn a unique insight into how state and local governments interact. As your County Commissioner she will use her expertise to positively impact our district on issues such as:

Economic and Workforce Development
Marilyn worked tirelessly alongside the governor to bring over 50,000 new jobs along with billions in investment, to Nevada. She is currently working on other large-scale economic development projects for Southern Nevada.

Reduced traffic on our roadways saves us all time and leads to increased productivity and economic activity. Marilyn will work tirelessly to ensure District B gets our fair share of road funding and projects are started sooner, finish on time and come in on budget.

Public Safety
At her very first Clark County Commission meeting, Marilyn enthusiastically voted for more cops, allowing hundreds of additional police officers to be placed on our streets in the next few years.  On the County Commission, Marilyn will continue to make public safety a top priority.

Social Services
Marilyn believes we mist take care of our Veterans and the most vulnerable in our community. That’s why she helped to form the Office of Military Legal Assistance, which will provide certain legal services to our Veterans and active military. She will also work to ensure that Nellis AFB and the VA Hospital have the support they need to carry out their mission. Additionally, Marilyn will make sure other social services for children and seniors are properly funded.